CS Cigar Code

The primary reason for this code is to identify other cigar smokers / fetishists. So, the code starts off with a capital C as in Cigar. This is the only capital letter in the cigar code. another capital letter would mean the start of another code. Such as B for the NBCS bear code
Cigar Code Meaning
C++ Likes cigars a lot
C+ Likes cigars
C Likes cigars a little
C- Doesn't care for cigars
C-- Dislikes cigars
pipe Code Meaning
p++ Likes pipes a lot
p+ Likes pipes
p Likes pipes a little
p- Doesn't care for pipes
p-- Dislikes pipes
cigarette Code Meaning
c++ Likes cigarettes a lot
c+ Likes cigarettes
c Likes cigarettes a little
c- Doesn't care for cigarettes
c-- Dislikes cigarettes