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Cigar Smoker

Location: Newport Beach, CA United States of America 92660
Google Maps: Google Maps
Age: 43
Size: 5'9" 180 lbs
Beard: Clean Shaven
Hair: Brown
Body Hair: Medium
Tattoos and Piercings: none

I smoke. I smoke during sex.

Favorite Cigar Montesino
Pipes... I smoke during sex.
cigarettes... I smoke. I smoke during sex.
Favorite cigarette brand Marlboro Reds/Lights
I typically wear: Jeans and Tee Shirts
Suit and Tie
I'm: Gay
I'm looking for: Sex
S and M
My Code: C++.p++c+++
Looking for love in: Southern California, USA,. Europe, Australia
His age: 18-55
Looking for: Looking for a smoke bud/friend/LTR. Love smoking with another dude.
Looking for(health): HIV Negative
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